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Parent-Teacher contact and co-operation is essential for complete and harmonious development of the student’s personality. Observe the following points in the intrest of your wards:-

  • Use the diary as a means of communication with the school by checking the remarks, if any, made by the teacher
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper school uniform
  • Do not let your child to be absent from the school without leave application written properly
  • Do attent parent-teacher meeting
  • Intimate the change of address or telephone number, if any to the school office
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with students. The school shall take no responsibility in case they are lost
  • Do not send the fee money with the driver, conductor or any other member of the school staff

General Rules to the student

  • Abide by the school rules and help foster harmony and efficiency
  • Be regular in perusing the notice etc. pasted on the school notice board
  • Be courteous and cultivate good manners

School Rules

  • Parents/Guardians will be bound by the rule in all respect which may be changed from time to time . In all respect matters of disputes, the decision of the principal will be binding on the Parents/Guardians
  • Care must be taken to all school property and any damage caused by the student will be made good by the parents concerned. In addition a fine will be imposed for the offence
  • The Principal is fully empowered to remove a student from school if in his/her opinion the student has failed to abide by the discipline of the school and his continued presence is detrimental to the interest of the other students of the school or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his class and when detention in the same class would make the student too old for his class


  • If a student is withdraw during the academic session, the free should be paid upto that session and once paid fee will not be refundable
  • If a student is found to be a bad influence on other students or not rectifying his ways of conduct and behavior detrimental to academic atmosphere of the school will be liable to be removed by the school . In such cases , no remission of money can be claimed by parents


The school management reserves the right to alter/amend any of the rules in prospectus at any time at its discretion, which will be binding on parents

In adding to the foregoing, parents and students are presumed to have read and accepted the contents of this prospectus as the rules of the school, in force from time to time