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About Us

About Us

St. Thomas School for boys and girls is under the management of ST. Thomas Social Welfare Trust Patna. The school pro ides a sound education in a congenial atmosphere to develop the physical, mental and spiritual potentialities of children. This prospectus has been compiled not only to furnish certain desired information but also to apprise the parents and the students of certain specific rules and regulations which should be closely followed or observed so as to assist the institution in establishing harmonious relationship with the parents and the students at all times. Besides it would assist the parents and the institution in their efforts for imbibing in our students, the proper and much desired discipline, manners, morals and ethics that go into the making of a good student.

Aims & Objectives

  • The school aims to provide the best possible educational opportunities to all students
  • The school aims at inculcating discipline, which is highly necessary for the development of children
  • The strength of Nation lies in its People. The main strength of a strong Nation is human resources. Our future citizens are our children. The well educated and experienced teachers of the school impart knowledge among the students for their all round development not only in study of subjects but also in all aspects to help them to become the most disciplined and enthused citizen of our Nation Education Must be more than just academics and must bring out the best and varied talents of its rightful place among the men and woman of the nations of the world.


The academic session of the school is April to March.


Boys and Girls have to come to the school in the prescribed full school uniform, otherwise they are liable to pay a fine of Rs 5/- per day unless they bring a letter for excuse from their parents. (see the uniform list given separately).